Terms - Conditions

Distance Sales Contract Article 1 1.1. Seller Name: www.elsecarpet.com Address: Telephone: Email: ............ @ ................... 1.2. Receiver Name - Last name / TC.No address Telephone E-mail Article 2- Subject The subject of the contract is the following, which is related to the sales and delivery of the products whose qualifications and sales price are indicated below, which the buyer made an order in electronic environment from http://www.elsecarpet.com web site of SELLER with respect to Law No. 4077 on the Protection of Consumers and Regulation on Distance Agreements the rights and obligations of the parties are determined. Buyer shall notify the seller of the name, title, full address, telephone and other access information, basic characteristics of the goods subject to sale, sales price, payment form, delivery conditions and expenses etc. all the preliminary information about the goods subject to sale and the use of the "withdrawal" right and how they can be used, complaints and objections etc. the seller acknowledges and declares in advance that the goods have been informed by the seller in accordance with the internet environment and that they have confirmed these preliminary information in the electronic environment and ordered the goods afterwards. The preliminary information on www.elsecarpet.com and the invoice issued on the order given by the buyer are inseparable parts of this contract

Article 3- Contractual Subject Product / Payment / Delivery Information The genre and type, quantity, brand / model, sales price, payment method, receipt person, delivery address, billing information, shipping fee of the products / products taken in electronic environment are as follows. The person to be billed and the person who makes the contract have to be the same. The information below should be accurate and complete. The buyer accepts to fully compensate for the damages caused by the fact that this information is not correct or is deficient and also accepts any liability that may arise from this situation. The SELLER reserves the right to stop the order if the information given by the PURCHASER does not match the actual one, when it deems necessary. The SELLER will freeze the order for 15 (fifteen) days if it can not reach the BUYER from the telephone, e-mail and postal address given by the BUYER in case of a problem with the order. The PURCHASER is expected to communicate with the SELLER during this period. If no response is received from the PURCHASER within this period, the SELLER cancels the order so that both sides are not damaged. Products / Products Name, code:; … piece Total Sales Value: .... -TL Payment Form: Credit Card / Bank Transfer (EFT) Delivery Person: Phone number : Delivery Address: Invoice Person / Institution: Billing address : Tax Administration : Tax Registration Number: Shipping Fee: ... -Euro

Article 4 - Contract Date and Challenges The contract date is the date on which the order was placed by the buyer. Conditions that are not present or unforeseen on the contract date, that develop outside the control of the parties, which partially or completely fulfill or fulfill their obligations and obligations of the parties, either or both of which are borne by the contract by both parties, coercive reason (natural disaster, war , terrorism, insurrection, changing legislative provisions, confiscation or strikes, lockout, significant breakdown in production and communication facilities, etc.). The party taking the case of the force majeure shall notify the other side of the situation immediately and in writing. No liability will arise as a result of the actions of the parties during the course of the attack. If the pecuniary cause continues for 30 (thirty) days, each party will have the right to terminate unilaterally.

Article 5- Rights and Obligations of the Seller 5.1. The seller accepts and undertakes to fulfill the obligations imposed on the contract in accordance with the provisions of the Law on the Protection of Consumers No: 4077 and the Regulations Regarding Distance Contracts, except in cases of force majeure. 5.2. Www.elsecarpet.com is not responsible for the price errors due to system errors. In so doing, the seller is not responsible for the misrepresentations that may arise due to interventions that may be made to the internet site from the system, design or illegal ways on the internet site. The buyer can not claim the right from the seller based on system faults. 5.3. Shopping with credit card (Visa, MasterCard, etc.) at www.elsehali.com. Payments made without consultation with the customer service, such as the paid shipment or postal coupons for which the order is processed, are not collected at the time of ordering, but are collected from the credit card account, are not accepted.

Article 6- Rights and Obligations of the Receiver 6.1. The buyer accepts and undertakes to fulfill the obligations imposed on him in the contract completely except for reasons of force majeure. 6.2. The buyer accepts and undertakes that he accepts the provisions of the contract of employment together with placing an order and that he will pay the payment form specified in the contract. 6.3. Buyer will notify the seller of the name, title, full address, telephone and other access information, basic characteristics of the goods subject to sale, sales price, payment order, delivery conditions and expenses etc., on the website www.elsecarpet.com. all the preliminary information about the goods subject to sale and the use of the "withdrawal" right and how they can be used, complaints and objections etc. that this information is clear, understandable and has information in accordance with the internet environment. 6.4. Depending on the previous item, the Buyer declares that it has read and understood the information on the product order and payment terms, the product usage instructions, the precautions taken against the possible situations and the instructions on www.elsehali.com order / payment / use procedure and gives the necessary confirmation in electronic form . 6.5. The buyer accepts and undertakes not to damage the product and its packaging in any way whatsoever in case of desire to return the received product, and to return the actual and invoiced invoice at the time of return.

Order: After the purchase price of the products added to the shopping cart, including VAT, is confirmed by the buyer (total installment amounts in installments), the transaction is processed at the post of the relevant bank card. For this reason, orders are not shipped customer order confirmation mail is sent first. Shipments will not be made unless an Order Confirmation mail is sent. Problems that may arise in connection with any disruption in the process or credit card are reported to the purchaser using one or more of the telephone / fax / e-mail addresses specified in the contract. If necessary, you may be asked to contact the buyer's bank. The order processing time is the instant when the necessary credit is collected from the credit card account, not the moment the order is placed. In the event that the contractual item can not be procured for an exceptional reason and / or if the buyer is immediately informed and consented in the case of a stock problem, another item may be shipped to the buyer at the same price and price or in the direction of the buyer's desire and choice; another new product may be posted, the product may be expected to enter the stocks or the rest of the obstacle may be left in the stock and / or the order may be canceled. If the contractual obligation to deliver the goods is not possible to fulfill, the buyer will be informed of the total price paid by the buyer and any documents that put him in debt will be returned to him within ten days at the latest and the contract will be canceled. In such a case, the buyer will not be entitled to any further material or moral damages from the seller.