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Innovations in the carpet sector do not end. With the increasing sales of digital printing in 2012, the new Trend Children and Young Chamber Painters appeals to both the eye and the space. The boundaries have been removed in the design of carpets produced with Digital Printing technology, it is enough to imagine the carpet suitable for the place. Digital printing is a trend that will become a trend in the coming years, another reason is that the use of these areas is very wide. It's a good idea for those who like to see ordinary and always the same models. Polyamid raw materials are used in the production of these carpets, which are no different from normal carpets, and this raw material ensures that the life span of the carpets is very long. Non-slip sole has been used to prevent the car from sliding on the ground and causing different accidents. According to the price of woven carpet, consumers are increasingly interested in digital printing carpet. Digital prints! Really great to find honest reviews of sites for South African players. So many of the guides I’ve visited over the years boast about the best sites and this and that. Most of the time they are not so it’s good to find well composed reviews and good opinions about the available options.

We loved this idea very much. these rugs are offering stylish selection alternatives because the ground seems to force our dream world benziyor.üs did, which was developed with technology in print rug world and Turkey first, endless color options, 9 million pixels / m2, Standard Printing Technology from the 30th floor Higher resolution. * Print carpet weaving not entirely professional printing equipment. Else body washable, erasable, sweepable. There is no throwing or fading in colors. You can use your designs, themes, or photographs with your print carpet system in your home or work place. You can print the text of your desired pattern, logo or text message.

The carpets we are using are treated with the best yarns and machines that are housed in the latest technology. Also, the fact that our customers are polyemids is very important for the health of the users and for those who have allergic diseases. These products are very user friendly, with lots of usefulness and convenience. We can list some features of printed houses; Designates and designs the colors, patterns, logos or texts that will be contained according to the decoration of the environment to be used. In this way, people exhibit their own designs and have a different atmosphere.

The printing carpet is an important influence on the health of the users with its Polyemid feature. Especially, most of the time, it is a very important factor for the children who play on the carpet. The used areas leave a warm, sweet and beautiful weather impression. Provides isolation of loud noises generated in the environment. Provides insulation against heat losses in the environment. We are in line with all your expectations with Else carpet printing systems which are spreading in children's rooms, offices, hotels, door sills, airplanes, cars, holdings and many usage areas.